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A Message From Pastor David and Sarah

It is our desire to see the glory of Jesus in every home. Whether natural or spiritual, we believe it is the heart of the Father to see all families awaken to the presence of Jesus in their own lives. There is no greater time than now to begin partnering with God to see entire regions transformed for Jesus. Our hope is to see the world awaken to His goodness. 

Worship Church longs to see every son and daughter of God pray and leave a legacy of faith for future generations. HOPE is meant to be a place for family, growth and transformation. Through HOPE people will experience Jesus in a way that alters their past, present and future. HOPE will allow many to know the reality of heaven on earth and share that experience with others.

House of Prayer Everywhere allows   individuals and regions to experience the finished work of Jesus and realize their union with Him. Our commitment is to father and mother the coming generations into their destiny with God. HOPE allows us to walk with them through the stages of life and give them a spiritual inheritance they can leave to the generations after them.

HOPE will also be dedicated to building leaders that are equipped to lead for the times we are living in. There is so much opportunity available to bring heaven into every part of society. Heaven has a culture of its own and it is always available to experience.  

For those that feel called to lead, HOPE is the place for you. For those that are looking for a community dedicated to one another and Jesus, this is the place for you. If you desire to know what Jesus can do with your everyday life, this is the place for you. What would the world look like if there was a community of people dedicated to seeing heaven on earth as the norm?

Jesus is still doing things we would never expect. Being a community that is devoted to prayer is how we are guided by the Holy Spirit into whatever He is doing on the earth. Through His grace we are given an opportunity to be a part of the greatest adventure known to creation. We get to partner with Jesus to see His work redeem all of mankind! If you feel that our heart resonates with yours, I want to invite you to be a part of HOPE!

Abundant Blessings!

Pastor David and Sarah Sharpe

What is HOPE?

HOPE is a community of people dedicated to seeing the world transformed for Jesus by establishing houses of prayer.


HOPE was created to bring Jesus and see His Kingdom manifested to every home in the world. 

How does HOPE work?

Every HOPE meets  to pray to experience the glory of Jesus. As we get to know Jesus we can take our testimony and share it with others. 

How do I start a HOPE?

Benefits of being a part of  HOPE

1. Build relationships with a growing community

2. Develop biblical leadership traits

3. Learn to share your faith

4. Learn to move in power

5. Develop a supernatural prayer life

6. Help bring the gospel to the nations

The first thing is to be devoted to prayer. We ask that anyone who wants to start a HOPE commit to our 5 weeks of “Pray Without Ceasing” beforehand. These 5 weeks include training and basics of what it means to bring HOPE in wherever you live. All training is available online and through connection with our community.

If you do not know how to pray, that is ok! These 5 weeks will transform your prayer life. You will learn what it means to pray beyond “needs” and pray by enjoying the presence of Jesus in your life.

The 5 weeks of “Pray Without Ceasing” is not only for those who wish to start a HOPE in their region. It is for anyone who desires to deepen their prayer life. Whether you want to start a HOPE or deepen your prayer life, these 5 weeks are for anyone to use absolutely FREE.

 Disciple the Next Generation

We believe God is restoring both natural and spiritual families. This means the next generation is a part of God’s plan to restore people. At HOPE we seek to mother and father a generation into their God given      destiny. Children are a blessing from the Lord and without them nothing can be passed down in the natural or spiritual. 


Build A Legacy Others Can Follow

It is inspiring to read stories of faith, love, courage and more in Scripture. We want others to be inspired by our lives in the same way. Instead of passing down tradition, methods, or rules we look to pass down our faith, boldness, and humility. Many revivals have been lost in time because the things handed down were not what inspires a generation to follow Jesus. Our responsibility is to live a life others can look to as an example. 

Financially Support The Mission

We believe in being generous to the cause. Your support helps train others domestically and internationally. We use the finances to feed the poor and raise up pastors to take care of them. Your generosity also helps with domestic efforts. Through your giving we can create more resources for training and reach more people and take care of other basic costs. All giving is split 50/50 with international and domestic efforts.

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